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Artificial Sweetners are in so many products that you buy in the supermarket. They all have the promise that they have no calories and therefor help you to loose weight.
That is controversial in itself, as it turns that the body will compensate and will make you eat more carbohydrates to replace the ones that we missing from the  sweet drink or snack that you had with a sweetner.

But far more worrying is the dark site of the sweetners, like aspartame. It took 16 years before it was even approved for human consumption and the studies that were used for that approval were all done by the industry itself, claiming there were no side effects at all. Later studies done by independant researchers , showed that 90% of all studies showed negatice side effects from artificial sweetners.

Look at these videos, the first one fy Fox News, not the most progressive television station in the US, with links to the industry:


or a video by dr Mercola, who studied the subject intensively:

try Sunny Dew as a natural alternative with Stevia, a natural herb from the Amazon and 30 times sweeter that sugar, with 0 calories for the body.