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Bananas Help To Relieve Depression And Increase Mood

Eating bananas can help relieve depression and improve your mood

Something as simple as a banana can help you to feel better.

It shows how much effect diet or even one food,  can have on how we feel, how we function and our health.

Bananas contain a lot of potassium  which is  essential for the functioning of the nervous system and the brain. The Brain needs a l ot   of this mineral to function properly. A potassium deficiency leads to a dull feeling a kind of ‘fog’ in your head. Obviously, this is counterproductive if you’re sad or depressed. A clear head,  when there is enough potassium, contributes indirectly to  the relieve of  sadness or depression.

As far as  depression is concerned, there are two substances in the banana which have a direct effect on the degree of gloom and depression.

Firstly, bananas contain tryptophan,  the same substance  is also found in turkey meat, which  you will not eat every day, but banana every day will be no problem. Tryptophan is a nutrient for  the brain, where it  is converted into serotonin. Tryptophan promotes calmness, relaxation and improves mood and overall sense of well being and happiness.

More serotonin, means  feeling  better. It is the same substance that is generated by drugs such as GHB and ecstasy , only there it leaves to a huge shortage after use. Bananas provide the building blocks for the creation of this substance and thus a stable feeling of well being.

The second substance that plays a role in reducing depression is a B vitamin, called  niacin. A deficiency of niacin leads to depression and in those cases Niacin can therefore help to relieve depression. It shows that this B vitamin and thus the Banana has a direct effect on the functioning of the brains and our emotional state.

The banana also has  an indirect effect gloom and depression. For a start the banana is easily digested and thus provides quick energy without much effort by the body to digest it. Secondly, the  Banana improves bowel function so  waste materials are better and quicker removed. A slow intestinal functioning causes  waste products  in the bowel to be to be partially reabsorbed , which has a negative effect on the energy level, and general health.

The combined with the effects of B-vitamins, tryptophan and potassium,  synergistically , enhance the effect that bananas have on the symptoms of depression.

Vitamin B is more and more  important with the increasing age, in order to prevent depression. B vitamins have a greater effect in combination with other supplements or ingredients, such as is shown in the case of the banana which tryptophan, potassium and B vitamins having  a combined positive effect on the brain that is much stronger than each of these substances would have separately.

Bananas in Sunrider products

Bananas are a perfect snack to fulfill your craving for  something sweet.

Obviously you can add bananas  in all sorts of food, from muesli to bread and cookies or add them to  smoothie.

Sunrider has banana added in the NuPlus banana. Perfect for a smoothie so you  get the Nuplus nutrients from 20 different other plants together with the health effects of the banana.

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