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Bananas Improve Bowel Function

Bananas Heal the Intestine.

Something as Simple as a banana can have a great positive impact on your health aspect:

The Banana is a true Super Fruit

This video is only about one aspect

The Effect of the Banana on Bowel Function



The fiber in bananas improve bowel function.

Bananas contain water soluble fiber

These ensure that the gut content becomes a whole and stays moist enough. Fiber is essential for a regular bowel function, and fiber also provides essential nutrients for the immune system.

Fibers in banana prevent constipation and other intestinal and bowel-related disorders.

Another important feature of bananas in the intestines is that they enhance the recovery when you have diarrhea

The fibers also ensure that digestion, that is the absorption of nutrients from the food  into the body,  improves.

Bananas are good for the intestines and your overall health!

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