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Bananas Improve Brain Function

Bananas improve brain function.

Bananas contain a few substances that enhance brain function. The first one is potassium, this mineral is extremely important for the nervous system and especially for the brain. If there’s a shortage of potassium then the brain cannot function properly which you experience as having a brain fog, you cannot think clearly, you cannot focus, you are not aware, or basically you’re not quite there.

So because bananas contain a lot of potassium they help you to stay alert.

The second reason that bananas improve brain function is because they contain tryptophan

A substance that is used by the brain to produce serotonin. Serotonin is called the happy neurotransmitter, as it does the person is feeling of well-being, happiness and the positive mood.

The third reason that bananas improve brain function

They contain five of the eight known be vitamins. One of them Niacin as a direct effect on the brain in that it prevents depression. And indirectly be vitamins improve energy levels in the body, which of course is is necessary condition for the brain to function.

The fourth reason is that bananas contain fibers

Enhances the function of the bowel, which is indirectly linked to the brain, thereby indirectly positively influencing the functioning of the brain.

NUPLUS banana, not only contains the fruit but also about 15 other herbs that have held enhancing properties, in that they provide nourishment for the cells so that their energy production can improve. NUPLUS also nourishes the five main organ’s in the body.

Reason enough I think to have at least a banana a day or have a NUPLUS banana every day.

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