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Blueberries At Breakfast Keep Blood Pressure Low

Having blueberries at breakfast ensure blood pressure does not rise or decrease and they also ensure that the walls of veins remains smooth. Blood pressure is directly connected to the flexibility of veins;stiffer arteries are the cause of high blood pressure.

Blueberries contain many powerful antioxidants that are responsible for these effects. It is best to have a fruit a day and to accommodate fruits in a variety of colors. All of these colors have slightly different antioxidants, and they have a positive effect on the health of the heart.

Researchers gave subjects a couple of mixed fruit every day for eight weeks.

The subjects were postmenopausal women, and the subjects receives about 22 g of fruit powder a day. In the control group, the women received a similar amount of a placebo product. At the end of the study, results did show difference in women who received the blueberry powder at a low blood pressure from the women in the control group.

The difference was about 5-6.3% lower blood pressure for the women who had eaten the blueberry powder, and they also had 6.5% smoother arteries than the control group.

The level of nitric oxide(NO) in their blood, which plays an important role in the widening of veins, increased by 68%. This may explain the lower blood pressure effects.

Antioxidants and other substances in fruit and vegetables are very important for health. They provide nutrients for the immune system, improve bowel function, liver, the brain’s veins and improve overall health of the body.

The effects described in this study have been achieved with blueberry powder, so one can assume that the effects of fresh fruits, and certainly a mixture of fruits are even greater and more powerful.

The effects of such a small addition to the daily diet are clear; just a small replacement of processed foods with fresh fruit and vegetables can make a huge difference in one’s health.

If you want to go a step further in balancing the body and mind and improving health, then the sunrider herbal combinations are the perfect foods.

Sunrider products are herbs combined in such a way that they provide nourishment for every part and organ in the body with the best possible nutrients. The effect of that is that in the new cells of the body, the body is replacing cells all the time, are of a better quality than the ones they replace; the body therefore regenerates rejuvenates and, becomes younger. A healthier body goes together with a healthier mind and creates positive attitude in life, as well as less disease and a longer and happier, more successful life.

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