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Great Health, The Body Shows You What It Needs To Become And Stay Healthy


Great Health: When the body is in balance, it tells you what food it needs. So if it needs potassium for the nervous system, the body tells you it wants bananas or fruit to eat.

However most people’s bodies are not in balance, so they translate these signals into a craving for sweets, chips, and other junk food. That way the imbalance in the body becomes even worse and the longing for ‘ something’ becomes even stronger, and from sweets you want something salty, etc., and so a downward spiral of addiction is building.

In this way deficiencies build up in the body and can easily grow into illnesses or injuries. Once you start eating sugar, it affects the blood sugar level, and as soon as sugar is absorbed in the body, the insulin in the blood makes you want more sugar.

That is how addictions develop. Recently I had a craving for sweet potatoes. That probably was my body’s need for betacarotene or potassium.

It didn’t tell me to get a pill, but what it wanted was the synergistic vitamins, minerals,phytonutrients that form a whole food in the form of sweet potatoes.

The more your body gets back into balance, which it does when you listen to it, the clearer the signals become. The more you listen to it and act on it, the more your body gets into balance. And a positive spiral develops. This actually is the way of respecting and loving your body. You take the body seriously and listen to what it needs. The reward is a healthy well functioning body. It is not difficult, and you do not have to force yourself to become healthy in this way, it is a joy the more you listen to the body, the more you enjoy giving it what it needs.

As a reaction to the many obese people and many illnesses, natural health has become a new religion for some people. They become obsessed with new rules on what to do and what not to do. But there is no topic that is so confusing as health, because of the conflicting interests of the many groups of people earning the money in some niche in these large industry. Doctors for example hardly know anything about health, they know a lot about illnesses and how to cure the symptoms. That is their business, and that is also why most pharmaceutical companies are not interested in healthy people because there is nothing to sell. Also the pharma industry is not interested in health food or curing a disease as this ends there business. That is why the pharma industry tries to prevent the sale of healthfood, herbs and vitamins as much as possible.

In this new trend towards health which is now growing, some swear that whole grains are the best for human health, others say you should eat like a caveman, and others again say you need to be vegan and eat only nuts and vegetables. So this whole area of healthy nutrition is very confusing for most people. I would say, whatever the real truth is, use common sense and listen to your body.

Common sense is of course that fresh fruit and vegetables are the most natural foods from nature. The more natural a food is, without contamination or processing, the better it is.

When you follow the guidelines of listing to your body, the body will tell you what it needs. If you are critical, then you know when the crave sweets or chips or other junk foods, that that cannot be what the body really needs, then you can take an apple, orange or handful of nuts instead.

Also what people have been eating for thousands of years and stay healthy is the basis of rice, potatos, some grain and vegetables. So if you stick to that you know that you are doing the right thing.

This is also helps you on your way of becoming healthy, despite what some experts try to promote.

When health becomes the new religion, then what you eat and drink is based on fear. When you learn to listen to the body, and use common sense, than you understand that unprocessed food is the most logical and most natural to eat, then you starting a relationship with your body, which is a love relationship and not one based on fear.

A relationship is always more fun, when you follow rules. The relationship forgives honest made mistakes and honors the effort to improve.

A caring relationship with the body is your guide to health. The caring, will safeguard you from doing harm to yourself in eating, drinking and behaving in a way that would hurt you.

It sounds crazy but, a neglected part of the body will start to dysfunction over a period of time even if you do not notice it right away. On the other hand if you listen to the body, and take care of it as good as you can then the body functions to its maximum capacity.

Listening to the body also means that you give it to food it needs, drink enough water, get enough sleep and get enough exercise. Maybe it sounds strange but if you look at the people around you, those who did not care about their body, after a while get sick more often or have a body that doesn’t function the way it should, because it is too heavy, too weak, ill. Respect the authority of natural law, and in this the case that is, bad nutrition leads to bad health and attentiveness to good health.

Juicing or making smoothies, is a great way of giving the body the nutrients it needs in a way that is easy and good tasting. juicing creates concentrated juice of the fruit and vegetables that are easily absorbed and smoothies contain the whole fruit or vegetable which in that form can be more easily digested.

Both are not necessary perse, but a good addition to daily meals.

Sunrider foods can play an important role in this whole process. Because they provide every part of the body with all the nutrition it needs, the body gets into balance very quickly. And because of this balance it, functions better, there is more energy and better health.

Also these foods are made of herbs without the fiber and water, but complete nontheless with all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals that the absorption of the nutrients is far better( 7 times better) than that of foods that you eat normally. So it speeds up the process as well as provides the the body with nutrients it cannot get from the normal diet, as you would never eat 100 herbs or plants a day…..

So if you want, try out this food additions and experience the results, set yourself on to the fasttrack to better health, more energy and regeneration.

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