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Calli And Fortune Delight, Tea Or Food?

For thousands of years the Asian cultures have consumed large quantities of the green and black tea for the benefit of cleansing as well as balancing. Today, Western scientists have acknowledged that there are major benefits to black and green tea, mostly because of the flavonoid content. These same scientists looked at the tea drinking countries of the East – the culture that averaged 4 or more cups a day of black or green tea and discovered that those countries had the lowest incidences of most common western disorders. The scientific verification of the value of black and green tea gives a key reason to choose a blended product to replace drinks of little or no nutritional value like coffee, regular teas, soft drinks and even bottled juices. Research also shows the value of drinking the teas before, during and after the meals.





Green and black tea come from the same herb, Camellia sinensis. The preparation is the difference. Green tea is heated whole with dry air or steam, while black tea is fermented, rolled and allowed to air dry. The different drying methods allow for different anti-oxidant phytonutrients with many catechins to remain. Camellia sinensis is knownto reduce fat and cholesterol in the body by improving liver function.

Calli and Fortune Delight are a blend of Camellia sinensis in the both the green and black form. The difference between traditional forms for black and green tea and Calli and Fortune Delight are:

• Calli and Fortune Delight are concentrated, thus making the catechins strong anti-oxidants to fight the free radicals. It would be difficult to drink enough black and green tea to actually enjoy the preventative benefits of catechins.
• Calli and Fortune Delight have minor amounts of caffeine, while black and green tea are typically much higher.
• Calli and Fortune Delight have other herbs added to the combination for their cleansing benefits and phytonutrient qualities, while green and black tea is from only one herb.
• When we drink Calli or Fortune Delight we have a feeling of balance and completeness while green tea or black tea might be bitter and make our throat feel dry.

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