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Calli Tea, Green Tea Herbal Drink To Clear Your Head!

Calli is an natural alternative to coffee and regular tea as well as to beverages with added sugar and chemicals.

Green tea has become really popular and so many beverage manufacturers have “discovered” are producing a variety of different quality green tea combinations. Sunrider has produces  Calli tea since the 1980s, and of course the orgina recipe  comes from China and dates back centuries. Calli is however much more than just green tea.

It’s an exclusive herbal formula with proven effectiveness

in enhancing the removal of waste produts from the cells. The Catechins from the green tea are natural antioxidant,  polyphenol chemicals founf in the Camellia sinensis, the basic ingredient in Calli (and Fortune Delight).

Antioxidants are very important in the body to prevent cell damaging and premature aging, antioxidants  have shown to be effective in absorbing cell damaging free radicals. Some harmful chemicals come into the body with food, air and drinks and need to be quickly eliminated, and some are but  others are not. The unique herbal extracts in Calli assist in the body’s natural cleansing processes, of course a healthy diet and exercise assist this cleansing process as well. Calli comes in three great flavors Regular, Mint & Cinnamon.  Also there is Calli Night that enhances a good night’s  because the herbs nourish the brain and deepen sleep to get a better rest in order to be refreshed the next day.

My Experience

I discovered Sunrider product in the beginning nineties

and since then Calli has been a daily drink at least once but more often more then once a day.  Most guest and people who try Calli like it immideately.

In the winter the Cinnamon is warming for the body and in summer mint is cooling so we can change the Calli with the seasons or daily preference.

Caffeine, Now for the caffine issue.  

I am drinking black coffee and regular tea as well but find that the effects of Calli on the body as well as on energy and mental clarity are more gentle, longer lasting and therefor preferable to drinks with caffine. Allthough Calli has green tea as basic ingredient it does not contain an caffine any more, but still has the ‘waking up the brain effect’ So if you have problem with caffine do not worry , Calli does not have any, and if you like caffine, do not worry either, the effect of Calli on your mental clarity is at least as good as that of regular tea.


It is like making tea, steep one Calli bag in 4-8 cups  of hot water for 5-10 minutes. The amount of water you use with the Calli  is a personal choice.  If you want a really strong drink, steep it in 8-12 oz. of water.  But you can use anywhere between  1 quart to 1 gallon of water, depending on their personal taste. Calli is concentrated and is not weak like most herbal teas you can buy and made to be dipped in a cup. Do not do that with Calli!!. It will get you a cup of tea that is way too strong. All herbs that are on the green tea leaves then dissolve in the one cup. The taste will be too strong as will be the cleansing effect in the body. Heat your water … pretty much anything over 110 ° F. will do the job.  Don’t put the Calli bag in while the water is boiling.  If you can not wait for the water to cool off after boiling, add a bit of cold water before adding the Calli bag. Let it steep for at least 5 minutes or as long as you like, and then take the bags out. We believe it is more beneficial if you don’t use a microwave oven to heat the water or reheat the Calli. Microwaves kill off all enzymes and therefore diminish the quality and effect of the Calli.

What Experts say

Columbia University Health Services has a “Go ask Alice” column where Alice goes into some detail as to why antioxidants are so important to our overall health

The National Cancer Institute is talking about the beneficial properties of drinking tea … and we know that Calli and Fortune Delight are far better than the traditional green tea that is often referred to in these articles.  So this article reminds us why we should drink Calli and Fortune daily.

For an understanding of tea catechins you can review the following article, which is a little technical, but shows how important they are to our overall health.

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