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Chemical Triclosan In Toothpaste And Shampoo, Linked To Cancer

Triclosan, a chemical used in some shampoos, toothpastes and household cleaning products, is an antibacterial substance. In addition, Triclosan is suspected of causing cancer.





It appears to interfere with the ability of the liver to process toxic chemicals, and this repeated disturbance can lead to liver cancer.

The theory has been based on experiments with laboratory mice and has been met with skepticism by academia and the chemical industry.

In Europe, it can be found in Dermalogica’s skin purifying wipes and Colgate’s Total toothpaste, as well as in many household cleaning agents.

Mice that were fed the chemical for six months, which is equivalent to 18 human years, developed larger and more frequent, tumors than other mice . The research was done by the University of San Diego School of Medicine.

Although the doses fed to the mice were higher than the levels found in toothpaste and shampoo, it is still something to be careful with. The FDA is reviewing the chemical, because it has also been associated with hormone disruption and muscle contraction.

It is best to use natural products as much as possible. All products that disinfect with chemicals, end up creating more bacteria growth in the long run, as they destroy the body’s natural ability to fight foreign invaders. Research shows more and more that the best tactic is to strengthen the body’s natural defense system so it can adapt and recreate balance and health. This leads to better long term results.

Sunrider’s Sunsmile toothpaste does just that. The herbs in the toothpaste strengthen the bacteria in the mouth that creates a natural balance, and is very effective in keeping harmful bacteria in check.

Sunrider’s shampoo is made with natural ingredients, adjusted to the PH of the body, and therefore not harmful to the skin or hair.

Also the the natural cleaner washing combination called Superclean is an effective cleaner, based on a similar philosophy of cleaning clothes and the kitchen with a cleanser made with natural ingredients, to prevent harm to the body and environment .

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