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Poor or Inflamed Gums Can Indicate Heart Problems

People with poor, inflamed gums would do well to have their heart checked. It appears that people with long-term and regular gum disease have a much greater chance of a heart attack.

The exact relationship between these two symptoms is not yet clear whether the heart problems caused the gum problems or vice versa.

Chronic gingivitis leads to loose teeth and is associated with acute inflammation in the veins of the heart, and even myocardial infarction. There is also a link between root canal problems, and heart problems. It is likely that the persistent inflammation of the posterior teeth (e.g., from the root canal) produces inflammatory substances, which damages the veins and increases the risk of heart attack.

The more severe the gum infection is, the greater the chance of a heart attack, the heavier the infarct will be.

Although more research is needed, the conclusion is justified that serious gum disease can be considered a predictor of a heart attack.

Inflammation in any location in the body points to an overused and badly functioning immune system. This may be the result of prolonged stress, poor diet, or a combination of both.

The immune system needs fresh foods, fruit and vegetables, in order to function properly. Stress, bad fats like trans fats, sugars and many chemicals, cause inflammation throughout the body. These all affect organs and veins, and it means more work for the immune system.

The immune system is able to keep this process in check when it gets enough nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables, and it is important to also get adequate rest and sleep so the system can recover.

Inflammation can be reduced by more rest and a, switch to healthier, fresher foods and extra vitamin C (a very good one is Citric C, from Sunrider) made from natural products (no chemical made cheap vitamin C that does not work).

A big step towards health improvement can be made by adding Sunrider products to the daily diet. They provide every cell in the body with the right nutrients to function optimally, and that way, they support the body’s route to better health in which the immune system can deal with daily challenges.

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