For strengthening and rebalancing Qi: the life-force energy that circulates throughout the body.
Who’s it for? Working parents, busy moms, and active individuals who want to spend less time at the market or grocery store, and more time with their family. People who enjoy healthy living and environment-friendly household products. And for IBOs who want to host a Regenerative Lifestyle Meeting.

These packs are available in different versions (sizes) that carry on our Love, Share, Lead formula.

LOVE. The perfect companion for your daily personal use.
SHARE. You use products every day, you talk about them, and give samples to your friends, family members, and acquaintances.
LEAD. You love the products—and the business opportunity—so you help your IBOs promote their own parties, challenges, and meetings.


Fortune Delight Peach 10-Pack
SunnyDew 30ml
NuPlus Naturally Plain 10-Pack
Quinary Caps 100 Capsules

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