Sunrider makes a Difference

You are aging faster than necessary.

There are more factors that determine the pace of the aging process but one of the most important ones is nourishment. Do you know that you do not get all the nutrients that you need on a daily basis with the foods you eat?

Why, the products you eat, however healthy(that is if you have already made the decision that you are eating mainly vegetables, which most people do not of course)come from depleted soil because soil has been depleting for years of intense use and fertilizer use.

Fertilizer only gives the soil only a small part of the minerals that have been naturally there and that plants would absorb naturally and because of mass production, long storage and use of pesticides as well as package and storage. Because most people do not have a lot of fruit and vegetables every day.

Renewing the body

Did you know your body is replacing 90-95% all its cells within a year and that these new cells are usually always of a lesser quality, meaning that your body is deteriorating? That deterioration can go fast or slow. So you can do something about that! The better the quality of the nutrients you provide the body with the slower the deterioration will be. If you would provide every part of the body with exactly the right combination of nutrients that it needs to produce the best possible quality new cells, then these new cells can even be of better quality than the ones they replace. Your body then becomes ‘younger’ then it is right now. That is the way of regeneration which right then will make you ‘younger’ and in the long run will let you age much slower than usual.

5000 years of experience

In China scientist have been studying the aging process for thousands of years, and created combinations of herbs that nourish, balance and cleanse every part, organ and process in the body. In the same way you know that carrots contain nourishment for the eyes, broccoli for the immune system, there are herbs that nourish and strengthen every part of the body. If you would eat those combinations daily, nourishing every part of the body, regeneration would be the result, meaning that the body would grow to its optimum state.

The Sunrider Products are those combinations that nourish balance and cleanse every part, organ and process in the body based on ancient knowledge, combined with modern insight and technology, resulting in modern day products based on ancient formulas.

These products are different from everything out there in the marketplace because they are:

Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration. Regeneration is the goal of the use of these products.

The Chinese researched thousands of plants and separated the plants or herbs into three groups;

  1. Poisonous, can be used sometimes in very specific situations, of course only by experts. Are in general not good for the body.
  2. Medicinal, can be used when there is a disease and must be used only by professionals. Medicinal herbs or medicine is meant to be used for limited periods of time. These herbs change processes in the body and always have side effects.
  3. Food herbs nourish and support the normal, regular functions of the body and if used in the right way, with a wide variety of natural herbs, they can regenerate the body.

All Sunrider products are a combination of food herbs, they nourish the body and its organs and because of their composition and ingredients, produce regeneration of organs and the body as a whole.

The Philosophy of Regeneration says

If one provides the body with the right combination of a wide variety of natural foods, the body gets into balance and can regenerate and then has the optimum capacity to heal itself and prevent misbalance, like disease.

The body has built-in self-healing capabilities that can only work optimally if the body is getting the right nourishment.
Thousands of years ago, the Chinese found that health and balance, is the natural state of the body, and the body is very capable to bring itself into balance again and again, when it is provided with the right variety of natural foods. This principle forms the basis of the Philosophy of Regeneration.

Every day old cells die off and new cells are created. In this way our body will be completely renovated in period of 7 years, all cells are replaced with new ones. Many phenomena that we see as “normal” side effect of aging, are in fact the result of inadequate nutrition and an accumulation of toxins that disrupts the balance of a healthy and smooth functioning the body. If the body is healthy and in balance, the new cells are of a better quality than the old ones they replace.

  1.  Sunrider products nourish and cleanse the body systems so it can achieve balance. This is the optimum state in which the body can grow to its best functioning and regenerate.
  2.  The products are Foods, not chemicals as are most vitamin pills because it is chemical isolates
  3. Your body is designed to recognize and use foods, not chemicals. Most medicines are chemicals and change processes in the body. Most supplements are missing the life structure your body recognizes as food
  4. Variety There is no single food, herb, product or ingredient that will singly create health in the body. The body needs a variety of whole foods and nutrients to achieve balance. The brain needs different kind of food than the muscles, so to nourish every function in the body so that it can perform at its highest level; the body needs a variety of natural plants.

The nourishment should come from whole foods.

The body is designed to function on the basis of whole foods such as vegetables, fruits , nuts and seeds( seen from evolutionary standpoint, a short time ago, 10.000 years that is what people ate) . Getting nourishment from whole foods that supply has the synergy ( construction and nutrients in their natural connection and thus complementary to each other and co-operating ) which is necessary in order to produce regeneration – only natural foods have the right structure and composition that can be absorbed by the body and then used to nourish , cleanse and to re balance the body.

The body has several organ systems. The five most important are: the endocrine system , the digestive system , the respiratory system , the circulatory and the immune system. These systems all have different nutritional needs, and the body become ill or even obese and cannot produce the right level of energy if not the whole body is nourished with the natural nourishment it needs. Appropriately It can only perform when it is nourished with whole foods that have the right composition and concentration provide all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and in balance.

These are the conditions for the creation of products that can produce regeneration and that are why the Sunrider products are unique.So you can use the result of the studies of thousands of years, right now. Use the basic products, Calli, Nuplus and Quinary for a month and see what happens, you’ll be surprised!

Sunrider Different and  Exclusive products

There are thousands of supplements on the market, what makes the Sunrider products different? This is a list of things,

  • The products are based on a philosophy that has it basis in thousands of years of thinking and researching the body,
  • The products are composed of a combination of whole plants, with all their alive components intact
  • The products are produced by a company where the owner is expert in this field,
  • The basic products provide nourishment for every part of the body.
  • The products reduce the aging process.

Sunrider the products

Sunrider products provide the best possible nourishment for the body to stay in optimum shape and as young and vital as possible, all based thousands of years of trial and error as well as research in China (and later elsewhere in the world).

The body is process that is constantly changing, and functioning depending on the situation, surrounding en nourishment it get to run all its processes.

Written by drs Nick Heising, april 2014