Sunrider, The Company

Sunrider international is the largest herbal food production company in the world.

It is founded  in 1982. Sunrider international is a privately owned company headquartered in Torrance California.

The company works with franchise system and distributors. The reason for this is that in 1992 when the company was founded, the products it produced were so unknown and needed explanation. Selling it in shops was not an option as there is no time in the shop to explain extensively to the customers what products or all about.

So the company decided to sell directly to the customer’s, and the money they save in distribution as well as in publicity, they pay back to the customers in the form of rebates on the products and commissions for those who promote products.

This way distribution costs, as well as publicity costs do not go to external companies that are paid to the people who use and promote the products.

Sunrider is a franchise company selling herbal products that are based on the philosophy of regeneration, and consisting of herbal combinations nourishing, cleansing and balancing the different parts of the body.

Dr. Tei Fu Chen is one of the world’s most renowned herbalist, is a pharmacist and research biochemist. Sunrider’s products are unique formulas developed by Dr. Chen, based on traditional Chinese medicine philosophies and ancient Chinese scripts. Since 1982 Sunrider products have enhanced health and well-being of thousands of people all over the world.


Sunrider researches, manufactures and produces all its products itself, with the standard of excellence that is unprecedented in health food industry. Production facilities all over the world, the main research laboratories are in California, as well as the main production facility for US and Europe.

Sunrider is the largest international herb food production company in the world with a billion dollar turnover per year.

Why can you trust this company?

Sunrider is a very stable company that:

• Has been in business for 30 years.

• It self manufactures some of the highest quality herbal food products available today.

• It operates in 50 countries in which it owns warehouses in 22 of them.

• It pays out millions of dollars to Independent Business Owners (IBOs) each year for distributing the products.

• It does not spend money on publicity and the money saved that way is paid to the customers who are promoting the products they are using themselves.

Why are these products different?

The philosophy on which these products are produced is the Philosophy of Regeneration. Regeneration is the goal of the use of these products.

Sunrider foods and beverages naturally move people from a degenerative diet to a regenerative diet by alleviating cravings and creating balance in the body between all organs. A body in balance creates a preference for healthy foods automatically, thereby enhancing health, balance and regeneration even further.

Start on your way to better health and regeneration NOW, start with the Sunpack. Nourishing, cleansing and balancing the body to regeneration.