Sunrider Products

The Daily Basic Herbal Supplements  Sunrider is suggesting for  your  optimum  Health are:

Nuplus or Vitashake enhances nourishment for the body , it gives the cells a wide variety of herbal foods, and Calli or Fortune Delight enhance the removal of waste and  poisons from the body.

Together Nuplus  and Calli enhance nourishing and cleansing, and  so the balance of the body. 

Nuplus, the best herbal combination, providing nourishment for the cells, to produce more energy and create a better quality new cells, the basis of Regeneration.


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The Cleansing Herbal Supplement Combination comes in the form of Green Tea, with added herbs that enhance the cleansing of the cells and therefor the body as whole, as a clear head and thinking as waste products do not clogg the cells. Less waste products in the cells and the body results in less energy needed and waisted. so it is available for our use.

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The Alternative for Calli Tea is Fortune Delight a herbal combination on the basis of Green Tea as well, created to enhance the body’s removal of fat disolving waste and free floating fats.

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Vitashake is Nuplus Extra, Nuplus with extra Vitamins. Minerals and intestinal flora enhancing fibers

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Order Calli or Fortune Delight  and Nuplus or Vitashake for a month and experience the results