Natural Sunrider Foods Creating a Body In Balance


Natural Sunrider Foods  Are Creating a Body In Balance, The next step towards balance and regeneration, Quinary explained. Nuplus, containing nearly 20 different herbs, providing optimum nourishment to cells and organs, and Calli containing five herbs, greatly improving the removal of waste products from cells and the body as a whole, together they enhance nourish and cleanse, Ying and Yang and thereby the balance of the body.

The next step towards the strengthening the balance is nourishing the five main organ systems, which are: the endocrine system, digestive system, the respiratory system, circulatory system and the immune system.
By providing these systems with the nourishment that they need to function optimally, as well as creating the possibility of these five systems to work together, one is strengthening the balance of the body and mind.

In the Western medicine each organ and function is seen as something separate. However this is not how the body functions. Just look at the example of having a cold. When having a cold the respiratory system is clearly out of balance, it’s weakened, so apart from having a running nose, and coughing, you cannot think clearly because your head is cloudy, and you do not feel good because you have less energy, as well as being mentally weaker than when you are healthy. So one organ system that’s out of balance, creates a whole body that is out of balance. When the organ systems are working properly, they can counteract and balances in one or more organ systems. But then the systems are weak, and cooperation is bad because not enough energy for the, then you’re vulnerable to disease, as unbalances, or attacks on one organ by viruses or bacteria cannot be contracted.

Nourishing each system with a combination of herbs that has been found to strengthen especially that one system, creates the optimum situation in which regeneration can occur. These nourishing combinations are the result of insight in the working of the body as a whole, which to Chinese medical provides, and thousands of years of experimentation and experience.

Each combination strengthens one organ system, which has its specific effects of course on the body as a whole, and all these combinations together strengthen each of the five organs and creating a better well-balanced body, that has more energy as well as the balanced mind and positive mood.

The 5 combinations together for each of the systems, is called Quinary


Alpha20 c

Alpha 20c is a herbal combination that nourishes the wood element, being the immune system and the  liver. The wood element stands for flexibility, being able to deal with stress, as well it’s injuries, as well as attacks by bacteria or viruses. Think about a tree if it’s healthy and can bend with the wind, when it is too hard it will break, when it’s too weak it will topple. The same is true for the body, when the immune system is not strong enough, a disease will break out, when the immune system is strong enough then you will not feel anything or at the most a slight reduction in energy for a while, when the body is fighting the attack by viruses or bacteria. Alpha 20c  is herbal combination that strengthens this quality of the body, as well as the liver and the immune system.



Prime again

Prime again, is a combination that nourishes the endocrine system. The endocrine system is the fire element. The endocrine system direct’s every process and organ in the body. It translates the signals of the brain into chemical signals that steer bodily processes as well as organs and functions. On the mental level it is related to the ability to take action and to be enthusiastic. On the organ system is down the whole body is without energy and you will probably feel somber or depressed.




Assimilaid, these herbal combination that nourishes the earth element in the body, which is the digestive system in the body. The digestive system consists of the stomach, the spleen and the pancreas, which transform the food into its basic elements and then distributed to the parts of the body where it is needed. Also on the mental level the earth element stands for transformation, it helps to deal with processing of information, as well as processing of emotions. One symptom of this element being out of balance is that you cannot sleep because the mind is busy thinking and mostly worrying about what your occupied with which can be stress, or too much emotions. Assimilate strengthens this ability to digest food as well as mental and emotional experiences.




Conco, a serial combination and nourishes the metal element in the body which is the respiratory system, the intestinal track and the skin.

This element as much to do with the body’s strength, and mental level a way to organize yourself, as well as organize the things in the world you’re dealing with. Conco then strengthens the organ systems, which when they work properly, you feel more power and strength, and on the mental level you are clear, can work well, you are clear what your goals are and you can reach your goals.




Lifestream is a combination that nourishes the water element, which consists of the kidneys and everything in the body that has to do with fluid, like the blood and the lymph system. On the mental level the water  element is the element that helps you to rest and let go. But when this element is out of balance, you will feel depressed. Lifestream then nourishes the kidneys, the basis of the emotions, and helps life and emotions to keep flowing and not get stuck.



Quinary, is a combination of these five combinations. Every organ system in the body has his role to play, and they are all important to keep the body alive as well is creating balance. So instead of having to take each combination separately, quinary is created, in which you can take the five combinations for each organ system together. That way each system gets the herbal combination it needs, and regeneration is the effect. When still one or one system seems to be weaker than the others, the best way is to use quietly and take a bit of extra for the weaker system.