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Superfoods, Hype or Health

Nowadays everyone has heard of the term Superfoods, but what is it actually?

One article or TV program says it’s a bloated commercial story,while another says that they can improve health and life.




Both have some truth. If you look at the development of food over the last 100 years, you will see that many factors, especially the methods of Agriculture, have dramatically decreased the vitamins, minerals, protein, and other nutrients found in plants. Another factor is the radiation that is used in order to create a longer shelf life. The effects of new agricultural methods, that use fertilizers that exhaust the soil limit the amount of minerals plants receive which mainly aim to increase the plant’s growth rate. The body needs about 64 minerals to remain healthy, but most people today only get a small part of that.

Even if we eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, we do not get everything inside (because the minerals are no longer in the plant), especially with ready-prepared supermarket foods. The same goes for vitamins, we get too little in our current diet. (The problem is that there are many parties that have interests that cause them to refute these claims. However many studies show that the minerals and vitamins in fruits and vegetables have reduced 25-75% over the past 50-70 years).

Our mind and body have much more stress and need to process a lot of information. We have very busy lives and our bodies must deal with an abundance of new and strange chemicals that, to a large extent it cannot handle, but only dispose. Also, the body has to deal with many different types of radiation.

This combination ensures that there are shortages in the body and, illnesses are caused. Often times these illnesses do not cause us to die because there is medical treatment, but the quality of life decreases drastically.

Superfoods are a response to this development. The herbs, vegetables and fruits that are grown organically, and therefore contain more minerals and vitamins, provide our body nutrients that it would not otherwise get. The term superfoods was chosen as a term in contrast to the ready-made food in supermarkets that look beautiful, but have less, or even no nutrients and often contain a lot of harmful substances.

Superfoods are often exotic fruits or herbs, but they do not have to be. This term is therefore somewhat confusing. They are fruits and herbs that come from the area where they are grown with chemical fertilizers or treated with pesticides and are products that contain an extraordinary amount of vitamins or certain minerals and / or antioxidants.

Also, some types of fruits and vegetables in the west, are Superfoods. Apples, kale, avocados, kiwis, red peppers, sweet potatoes are all superfoods, especially if you buy the organic version.

So, I would say that, superfoods are fruits, vegetables and herbs with a relatively higher nutritional value (many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants enzyme content). ‘Super’ in comparison to ready-made foods and other fruits and vegetables that contain less nutrients.

You do not need exotic Superfoods to be optimally healthy, if you make sure that your most important foods consist of a combination of organic fruit and vegetable combinations grown here in the Netherlands. When taking a supplement, choose from spirulina, chia seeds, hemp seeds, wheat grass, or any other super combination. It can improve health depending on your condition and specific needs.


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